We regret to say that our open source software has been used as a code base to create numerous malware applications.

Unfortunately this affected our own applications, they keep being blocked despite safe code signatures and security audits.

After two years of battles with Play Protect, we accepted that open source has lost the battle, and decided to unpublish the source code of Headwind Remote.

Headwind Remote Premium is still available as a module of Headwind MDM Enterprise and its source code is available to customers of this software.

Android agent

The mobile agent working with any server (defaults to the Headwind Remote demo server) is available on Google Play. Please download it by clicking the badge below.

Get it on Google Play

Due to multiple malware builds, please avoid downloading Headwind MDM Community from untrusted sources!

Premium version

The stable version which is not being blocked by Play Protect is 2.03.

Please download it from our website only. After downloading the APK, we strongly recommend to check the SHA256 hash of the APK: